About - The Green Growth Agro Industries

About The Green Growth aGRO iNDUSTRIES

The Green Growth Agro Industries is a renowned agro product manufacturer and supplier in Kolkata, with its headquarters located in Madhya Pradesh and production units spread across India. With a rich legacy spanning over three decades, the company has established itself as a leader in the agro-industrial sector, catering to both domestic and international markets.

Why us?

Our fungicides and micronutrients agro product manufacturer Company are known for providing effective and highly efficient Sulphur 90%, Zinc Sulphate, Humic Acid, Boron 20%, Rhizobium, Npk Bio Fertilizer and many more. We also check that the quality is checked by the manufacturer to ensure that our customers get only the best products. This customer-oriented approach has helped us immensely in building and maintaining fruitful relationships with the customer. We work with an aim to exceed the expectations of our buyers in terms of the quality and purity of our chemicals and minerals. Our company endeavours to procure products that meet industry purity standards in terms of composition as well as dilution.

With a wide range of product offerings starting from technical, intermediates and innovative formulations in the form of insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, plant growth regulators and public health products, the Green Growth Agro Industries team carefully observes and provides efficient agriculture solutions to the customers. We prepare Closely monitoring the market, and on-field trends, understanding their requirements and exceeding their expectations. Hence, we have researched all our products thoroughly, made them affordable, and made them easily available in Madhya Pradesh, Kolkata (West Bengal), and across India and globally.

Our Our Mission Mission 

Our mission is to educate farmers to stop using chemical or synthetic fertilizers and start nourishing their soil with our organic fertilizers. We motivate farmers to get maximum yield with lesser quantity of fertilizers at much cheaper prices than others, empowering them to get a higher and better yield for their efforts.

Our Vision

Transforming agriculture into profitable organic farming with our state-of-the-art technology and making farming intelligent, sustainable and profitable, making each farmer a successful microentrepreneur, facilitating better resource efficiency by ensuring higher farm yield and profitability for farmers. With comparatively less use of available resources viz. water and energy.

The Green Growth Agro Industries has emerged as a trusted name in the agro-product manufacturing and supply sector. Our goods support a greener and healthier environment in addition to enhancing agricultural output. Our best products in Indian Agricultural are Boron 20%, Humic Acid, Plant Growth Promoter, Root Promoter, Sulphur 90%, and much more. So, you can easily find these products in Madhya Pradesh, Kolkata (West Bengal) and all over India.

By nurturing a culture of social responsibility, The Green Growth Agro Industries aims to create a sustainable and inclusive agro-industrial ecosystem.